The Goddard Recreational Ball Club is a non-for profit organization made of people just like you! We are grandparents, parents, umpires, and coaches that volunteer our time to give those who want to play ball an opportunity to do so.

We hope you enjoy your experience with our league and look forward to meeting you on, or at the fields!

Goddard Recreational Ball Club is one of the largest recreational leagues in the area. With over 700 kids playing ball with us every summer! We begin teaching the fundamentals of baseball / softball starting at ages 4 through 14.

2024 Fees:
  • Per Player$100
  • Late Fees$120
Family Fees:
Multi Player Family (Siblings Only) Discounts
  • One Player$100
  • Two Players$200
  • Three Players$280
  • Four Players$375
  • Five Players$455

Community, Family, & Friends

The Goddard Recreational Ball Club was established in 1972. It was put together by a dedicated group of parents to bring recreational baseball and softball to the Goddard community for our youth. The Goddard Recreational Ball Club provides recreational baseball and softball program for not only the City of Goddard, but the surrounding communities as well.

Over the years the league has continued to grow and has allowed us the pleasure of accommodating over 1,100 families every season and introducing spring, summer, and fall tournaments.

Standings & Schedules

Boys Baseball

Standings & Schedules

Girls Softball